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What can i do with old Tyres and Tubes?-Upcycle Now You Can 36 ideas

What can i do with Tyres and Tubes?-Upcycle Now You Can 36 ideas

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You can easily toss out old tyres and forget about them. But it takes about 50 years for rubber to decompose. So, your old tyres will be sitting in the compost for a long time. You can do your share of minimising trash and protecting mother earth. Converting reusable trash like tyres into functional items also helps encourage creativity, some will give you a good workout and save you a lot of cash you would be spending on buying household items. Here are some tyre recycle projects you can do over the weekend. Pick one you can do on your next weekend!

weaved rubber basket

1.       Pet Bed

Old tyres make durable, sensible and easy-to-make pet beds. The rubber can be washed, painted for design and inexpensive. To create this large and snug bed for your dog or cat, simply cut out one sidewall of the tyre and a portion of the tread area. Complete the bed with a comfy and colourful cushion.

recycled tire pet bed

2.       Cup and Saucer Planter

Add a bright and eye-catching feature to your garden by repurposing some old tyres. This pretty cup and saucer planter ensemble are easy to put together and you can paint them as bright as you’d like and as creative as you can.

teacup rubber planter

3.       Rope Ottomans

These tyre ottomans are great for both indoors and outdoors. You just need a few tyres, a length of rope and some strong adhesive glue. You can spray paint the ottomans for more colour or leave them as is for a more charming and rustic look.

tire rope ottomans

4.       Bar Table

Stunning, unique and imaginative. This tyre bar table is a great conversation starter! You might need a little help with the stand, but the table top is just thoroughly cleaning an old tyre and buying a glass topper specific to its size.

tire recycled bar table

5.       Umbrella Stand

This is another easy weekend project. Ideal for smaller tyres, this inconspicuous yet functional piece is also charming in its own special way. Just scrub clean an old tyre, wax to shine and cut some holes for the umbrellas!

tire umbrella holder

6.       Hanging Planters

Another great repurposing idea for smaller used tyres! These hanging tyre planters project is perfect for the weekend and for people who loves gardening. These can be used as a creative screen wall for outdoor areas or a room separator with indoor plants.

hanging tire planters

7.       Pendant Lights

These pendant lights are striking, innovative and extremely affordable. You will just need several old tyres, some carving skills and a few weekends to get the lights done! Make sure to engage a professional electrician to help you with the wiring installation.

recycled pendant tire lights

8.       Picnic Cooler

This is another level of ingenuity. Turn an old tyre into this picnic cooler! Functional, creative and smart. Cover an old tyre with sisal rope, fashion a cover and insert a tub for ice and drinks. Perfect for backyard parties and picnics.

tire picnic cooler

9.       Centre Table

Rustic, spectacular and elegant – can fit in well with modern, rustic and contemporary interiors. This expensive-looking centre table is an upcycled tyre, covered in sisal rope, topped with wood and varnished to shine. The centre hollow can also be used for storage.

rustic tire centre table

10.   Outdoor Swing

Upgrade the traditional tyre swing with some paint and creativity. This lilac tyre swing is fun-looking, bright and striking. Add in a cushion for comfort and safety. A great weekend project to work on with your kid!

pink tire swing

11.   Tyred Herb Garden

Turn your pile of old tyres into this quirky tiered tyre herb garden. Clean up the tyres to make them look spiffy, stack pile as you want, fill up with soil and plant away! This idea will also work well for flower garden pyramids.

tiered tire planters

12.   Golden Tyres

Turn your trash into gold! Turn those old tyres into these golden poufs. Exotic, exciting and striking! Power clean the tyres, spray paint with gold and then insert cushions in the middle hollow. Easy, done.

golden tire ottoman

13.   Tyre Garden Pond

Turn an old large tyre into this amazing garden pond! You’ll just need a free weekend, a large tyre, rocks, a plastic sheet and water! Add gnomes, figurines and attractive plants to create your own splendid garden pond.

tire garden pond

14.   Mirror Frame

Old bicycle tyres make a great mirror or picture frame! Just clean the tyre, paint as preferred and install. It would be easier if you buy or cut the mirror according to the tyre’s dimensions. Then you just slip the rubber – easy, quick and practical!

round mirror tire frame

15.   Kiddie Seesaw

Convert your trash to something useful and colourful. This bright and nifty seesaw is made out of half an old tyre, a smooth plank of wood and some plastic handles. Fill the hollow of the tyre with cement and then paint with your kids’ favourite colour.

tire kiddie seesaw

16.   Tyre Chair

Reupholstery old furniture? Give your postmodern chair an edgy vibe by adding tyre rubber strips for its seat and back. The rubber is sturdy, cheap and comfortable. It will also give your visitors a nice surprise and your home an edgy charm.

tire rubber chair

17.   Well of Tyres

Add a nice pop of colour to your garden, quick and easy with tyres. This lilac wishing well is perky, striking and fun! You can also use the tyres as planters or bird bath and the well as an elaborate bird feeder.

tire wishing wheel

18.   Flower Wreath

Here is another beautiful upcycle option for bicycle tyres – a flower wreath! Power clean an old tyre and paint with your favourite pastel tint and then fill the bottom half with flowers. To get the charming rustic vibe, add sisal rope for accent and/or scrape off some of the paint for a shabby chic look.

old tire wreath

19.   Modern Bar Stools

These vibrant and sleek modern bar stools are also upcycled tyres! The comfy cushion seat is supported by a metal pedestal, while the tyre is angled as such that it functions as the back and the armrest. Smart and innovative design!

tire bar stools

20.   Tyre Sandbox

Bring in the play and fun of the beach to your backyard. This tyre sandbox will give your kids countless hours of outdoor playtime. Get creative with the paint job and add an umbrella to protect them from the sun.

tire sand box

21.   Magazine Holder

Hippy, trendy and functional! This unique and creative magazine tray is made out of an old tyre – cleaned, cut and painted. Metal stands are added for stability and height. An easy weekend project you can complete within a day.

tire magazine holder

22.   Bird Feeder

How about adding a bright burst of sunshine in your backyard? This rubber bird feather is made out of an old tyre. Cut from one side of the wheel, a base is added to the middle; this will hold the seeds and grains. Use some sturdy rope or chain to hang from a tree.

rubber bird feeder

23.   Black Planters

Modern, edgy, creative. The perfect foil to the dreary perfection of a modern home. This rubber black planter is fashioned from an old tyre. Its hip design includes a stitched side and a huge metal ring.

recycled tire planter

24.   Garden Steps

This upcycle idea for old tyres is functional and practical. Adding tyre steps to your backyard and garden can help contain erosion, prevent accidents and contribute to landscaping. It serves a lot of purposes, for a lot less work and costs.

tire garden steps

25.   Wheel Sink

Avant-garde! Make an impression with this gasp-inciting, awe-inspiring and truly innovative upcycled tyre sink. You might need help with the plumbing, but this cheap and environment-friendly DIY sink tyre will surely make your powder room unique and unforgettable.

tire bathroom sink

26.   Elegant Sofa

Brush up your upholstery skills to create this attractive and chic round sofa set. You will need some tyres, plywood for the seats, back of the chairs and tabletop, steel furniture feet, some foam cushion and cloth material covering.

recycled tire sofa

27.   Garden Clock

Add something fun and eye-catching to your garden without having to spend a fortune. This old tyre garden clock is already striking. But you can still add more pizzazz to it – more paint, more flowers or even build a garden feature around it, complete with rocks, water fountain and gnomes!

tire garden clock

28.  Weave Baskets

These huge baskets are sturdy, cheap and versatile home implement. You can use it as a laundry hamper, book or toy storage or a firewood caddy. The hard work is on the cutting of rubber strips off old tyres. The weaving, shaping and designing are the fun part. Paint it with your favourite colours or leave it as is.

weave rubber baskets

29.   Upcycle Arty Carved Tyre

Stunning and beautiful. Turn that old and useless tyre, the eyesore sitting in the corner of your yard into this exquisite and spectacular work of art, sitting stately in your living room. If you are good with a chisel, start designing now.

etched tire

30.   Upcycle Leather and Rubber

This leather ottoman stool is classy, elegant and sophisticated. Nobody would think it is made out of an old tyre! Clean up some tyres, fill the hollow centre with foam cushion material, top with cushion seat and cover with faux leather. Complete with studs and carved wood sofa legs.

leather ottoman stool

31.   Upcycle Pool of Tyres

Build your own backyard pool over the weekend! You’ll just need the largest old tyre you can get, a bag of cement for the base, some colourful paints and a free weekend to work on it. Affordable, efficient and fun way to keep cool during warm days.

tire backyard pool

32.   Upcycle Tyre Shelves

Bring in an edgy street power vibe with this tyre shelf. Grungy and dark, moody and slick. Clean up some motorcycle tyres, fit out the tube with strobe lights and then add two or three wood shelves to its centre. Perfect for the den, a teenage boy’s room and any wall of a bachelor pad.

recycled tire shelves

33.   Garden Tyre Upcycle Set

No frills, no paints, no cover-up. This straightforward upcycled tyre garden set is practicality and function. And it still manages to look chic and hip. Aside from the bright cords and wood to add pops of colour, the tyres are left bare and black.

old tire outdoor seat

34.   Brass and Rubber Upcycle Coffee Table

This brass and rubber coffee table will fit right in modern homes, goth interiors, edgy themes and minimalist designs. The innovative design includes a brass tabletop base and feet, and extraordinary feature – the top covered with strips of tyre tread.

rubber coffee table

35.   Wheel on Wheels

Edgy and fun. Creative and functional. This wheeled tyre table is great for dens, bars and sports rooms. It exudes power, energy and sleek style. This is a great leap from the old and useless tyre in the garbage.

Why to Upcycle old clothes ,change of use or reuse old clothes fabrics

Why to Upcycle old clothes ?Benefits ,change of use or reuse

Why to Upcycle old clothes ,change of use or reuse old clothes fabrics

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Upcycle old clothes

―the creative transformation of a used-up product into something that can be of value again.

If you’re looking to upcycle old clothes, you probably already know that it’s an excellent way to combat something called fast fashion.

If you are wondering, “but what is fast fashion really?”, here’s a quick breakdown: fast fashion manufactures and retails clothing at quick rates and low prices, making it widely accessible and affordable.

However, fast fashion comes with huge costs―it has an extremely degrading impact on the environment and often violates its workers’ human rights.

The fashion industry is notorious for exploiting both precious natural resources and millions of predominantly female POC garment workers.

The environmental effects are disastrous.

Not only does fast fashion promote overproduction and consumption―both dangerously unsustainable―but it also contributes to enormous amounts of waste. Annually, the average person throws away 81 lbs of clothing, and 11 million tons of clothing end up in landfills in the US alone!

This doesn’t even cover water waste, plastic packaging, chemical pollutants, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Luckily, there’s a great alternative to buying into fast fashion: upcycling your old clothing! Refraining from contributing to the fashion industry can notably reduce your carbon footprint.

Increasing the lifespan of your current wardrobe and buying second hand is great for the environment.

There are tons of creative ways you can enhance and repurpose your old clothes, take advantage of these fabrics’ versatility, and make the most of what you have!

1. Cutting and Sewing

Upcycle old clothes

A pair of scissors, a needle, and a thread can easily transform a piece of clothing into something new entirely.

Perhaps you’ve thrifted a t-shirt several sizes too large, or you own a pair of jeans that have always been too long on you. Simply cropping your clothing can suddenly make them fit better―and look trendier!

Similarly, cutting up the fabric of old clothes and sewing them together can create brand new pieces.

Though sewing fabrics can be a little bit complicated, it is relatively easy to learn!

You can also follow online guides that provide simple instructions and patterns that can be used to fix up an old shirt into a new tank topsun hat, and much more.

2. Embroidery

The art of embroidery is easy to pick up and a great creative outlet. With just a needle, thread, and embroidery hoop, you can embroider any design you’d like onto your old clothing―a flower on a pair of jeans, the name of your hometown on a hoodie, the silhouette of your cat on an old bucket hat.

Adding embroidery to your clothes will give them a personal touch of originality―transforming an unworn piece into something that you’ll be excited to begin incorporating into your outfits again!

3. Painting

This one’s pretty self-explanatory! Bring out your artistic side by painting graphics and designs of your choice onto old clothes. Just like embroidery, this allows you to personalize your clothes and give it a brand new look.

Painting is a great way to cover up old spills and stains, or simply to brighten things up by adding a pop of color to your wardrobe.

This works best when using acrylic paint on clothing of a thicker material, such as denim and canvas.

4. DIY Hair Materials: Scrunchies and More!

Do you have leftover fabric from cutting up an old t-shirt? Instead of letting them go to waste, turn them into a matching hairpiece.

These pieces of fabric can easily be used to create a new scrunchie―with the help of an elastic and some sewing―or can even be turned into a headband.

If you’re looking for a simpler means of creating a hair accessory, you can always just use these excess fabrics as a bow or ribbon extensions to a hair tie you already own.

5. DIY: Reusable Towels

If you have clothes that you don’t want to wear and simply cannot fix, a great alternative is to turn them into a reusable kitchen towel.

Cut your clothing into square or rectangular pieces―based on your preference―and fold them up for storage in the kitchen.

The kitchen is likely where a large waste of single-use tissues and towels take place. Use these reusable towels in place of unsustainable paper ones to clean up spills and wipe things clean.

If you’re willing to take an extra step, you can easily sew a trim on the raw edges of the cloth―giving the towel a more store-bought appearance!


6. DIY: Reusable Food Wraps

Similarly to making reusable towels, you can also turn your old clothes into reusable food wraps―specifically, beeswax food wraps!

To make them, simply iron shreds of beeswax onto your desired fabric, wait for it to dry, and then they’re ready for use.

These wraps are relatively easy to make and will save you from using single-use plastic food wraps every time you store your food.

Over time, using these food wraps will save lots of plastic waste―both reducing your carbon footprint and giving your old clothes a new purpose.

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Why to Upcycle old clothes ,change of use or reuse old clothes fabrics

Is Upcycling products good for the environment? Why Upcycling?

Are the Upcycling products good for the environment? Why Upcycling?

Are the Upcycling products good for the environment? Why Upcycling?


In the fashion world, discarded items, dangerous materials, and poor quality clothing are some of the main culprits when it comes to pollution. Enter the process of upcycling. Upcycling is the revolutionary method of recycling unused (and unwanted) clothing materials and turning them into brand new pieces.

You may be wondering what kind of impact upcycling has? From lowered production costs to saving the environment, this simple movement can have a major effect on a variety of things. Participating in this is one of the best ways that retail brands and consumers can improve the state of our planet.

Here are some of the main reasons upcycling in the latest trend to sweep the fashion industry:


What some may not know is that certain materials used in clothing can actually involve dangerous chemicals during the production process, which can lead to environmental issues like soil degradation and air pollution. These chemicals also run the risk of making their way into our waterways, our air supply and so many more.

production waste

With upcycling, the need for additional raw materials is drastically reduced which would require less of a need for certain chemicals to be used during production. This process helps tackle issues like poor air quality, the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, water pollution, greenhouse emissions and saves our rainforests.


For businesses involved in the fashion industry, upcycling can help minimize the overall cost of production. With this particular method, retailers are able to reuse materials for their products instead of having to have new materials made. This ultimately saves businesses money and reduces consumer costs.

save money

Upcycling not only helps the environment, but it also can reduce what companies spend on production in regards to materials and labor. Another great benefit is how it can lead to increased profit margins.


As we previously talked about, the reduced need for production of new materials can save money as well as natural resources. If a retail fashion brand uses specific materials like bamboo for a pair of earrings, but they are able to use recycled bamboo instead, they are saving the need to cut down additional trees.

cut trees natural resources

Upcycling can reduce the number of natural resources used throughout the fashion world. This can help with issues like deforestation or the loss of natural fibers.


One of the best benefits of upcycling is that it supports local industries and businesses. From manufacturers to providers of sustainable waste management to local retailers, upcycling helps boost the economy for communities. This is also helpful for brands to create new relationships and partnerships.

local business owners

By taking advantage of upcycling and local companies, the need to outsource to factories that contain harmful products is drastically reduced.


In today’s society, consumers are constantly educating themselves on where the products they purchase come from and how they are made. Because the state of our environment is in crisis, it has become increasingly important to many that their purchases are eco-friendly. According to Forbes, 93% of consumers across the globe expect businesses to be involved in environmental issues.

savvy shopper

What businesses do not actually realize is that upcycling not only saves businesses money, but also makes them money. Customers are more willing to purchase items they know are made of great quality, have been repurposed and are helping fight this battle of saving the planet.


Most fashion items today are manufactured in bulk and often have a pretty bland style. Using repurposed textiles allows for the opportunity to create unique, stylish lines and expand what retailers can feature.

clothing designer sketching

It takes a very creative mind and an eye for trendy designs to know how to best use recycled garments. Upcycling provides new challenges to designers worthy of an episode of Project Runway.

Upcycling doesn’t just benefit those working in the fashion industry with things like saving money and the opportunity to unlock new creative ideas, but it also provides major benefits to consumers and the environment.  We believe Shop it is super important to help make the movement of upcycling something that every business eventually implements. Get started with helping save the planet by checking out our eco-friendly, sustainable accessories that are guaranteed to take your look to the next level.