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Natsukashii Pty Ltd

Multifunction Smart bags

Multi-use Eco unique backpacks Melbourne , made from up-cycled materials

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We are Natsukashii handmade clothing and unique accessories.

We bring fashion in Australia

Uniqueness comes from within however fashion is an external expression of our internal distinctiveness.

Fashion allows us to play with colours, allows us to express our inner beliefs, Fashion is powerful, as it allows for emotion, and expression with little movement or sound.

About Natsukashii

Our pieces are European -Japanese infused fashion, inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design, whilst infused with European/ mediteranean  key elements.

We deeply respect the power of fashion and our planet, and we are advocates of distinctive beautifully designed fashion and fashion accessories. Our fashion and fashion accessories are innovative unisex alternative hand made pieces designed to express our inner beliefs. 

Collaborating with some of the most innovative designers, Natsukashii provides high quality, distinct fashion and accessories whilst maintaining sustainable principles ensuring the highest quality and finish of the product.One of our specialities is the multifunctional unique backpacks Melbourne.

About Our Accessories.

Unique backpacks Melbourne

Unisex Vegan inspired accessories, cleverly designed with the use of used inner tubes and tires, created through an innovative Upcycling process into hand made sustainable luxury convertible bags and accessories.  Upcycling means creative re-use. It is a special recycling process that aims not only to reuse waste, but to treat waste products in new, higher-quality products.

Upcycling stands out as a process for its sustainable innovation by using materials in its original form, saving resources and money, thus increasing the quality of the product. The goal of Upcycling is to avoid wasting potentially useful materials by using existing ones.

This reduces the consumption of new raw materials when creating new products. Reducing the use of new raw materials can lead to a reduction in energy use, air pollution, water pollution, and even greenhouse gases emissions.

Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other half of recycling. Downcycling involves the conversion of materials and products into new materials of lower quality while recycling involves the conversion or extraction of useful materials from an original powder product by creating a different product or material from the beginning.

About Our Fabrics and Fashion

100% handmade clothing

Unisex fashion pieces inspired by European – Japanese infused designs, allowing for unique, asymmetry, minimal, straight lines, whilst manufactured with 100% Organic Cotton, and Organic Cotton with Viscose.

We choose organic cotton instead of conventional as each piece of clothing saves water, energy and carbon emissions, ensuring our fabrics are sustainable, hence aligning with our ethos. 

Our designs are alternative, contemporary designs incorporating European fabrics with Japanese inspired fashion.

Our work


The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and , designers and project managers work closely and directly to prepare for you ,your unique natsukashii piece, handmade clothing at its best ,by finding always the best organic fabrics in the market. Using mostly Japanese European designs with European  Cotton.

The mission of natsukashii is to bring an alternate and also up-cycling fashion in Australia ,and create a movement of fanatic clients, admirers and people that have thirst for alternative fashion, unique style


Japanese and european designs

in Combination with vision and imagination

100% handmade clothing

Unique backpacks Melbourne What makes us different?

Our work, our passion and our people

We bring fashion in Australia, handmade clothing, European designs and Japanese fashion , unique backpacks Melbourne
We bring fashion in Australia, handmade clothing, European designs and Japanese fashion , unique backpacks Melbourne
European designs from the biggest contemporary clothing fashion metropolis, enriching fashion in Australia
Australian Fashion Designer
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